Breaking into the industry is not an easy task and our Professional ICT Internship Program is a perfect way to jump straight into your career! A leading Training & Resourcing organisation in the ICT area, ITIC works closely with universities and our industry partners to help students discover their pathway into the workforce through work experience and industry certification. Last year we helped 100’s of intern students, from universities such as Macquarie University, UNSW and UTS. Our mission is to help more students launch their careers in IT.


This 13-week software development internship program is a combination of practical software engineering training and internship in a trainee software engineer role. You will be working directly with our software development team. Their role is to provide you with on-the-job training, support, and mentorship. At the end of internship, you will have a solid understanding of proper engineering paradigms, system architecture and design, code structuring etc.



✓ On-the-job training and mentorship from our team

✓ Valuable hands on experience

✓ Earn credits for your degree or diploma

✓ Internship Completion Certificate

✓ Employer Reference Letter

✓ Resume and interview training

✓ An opportunity for full time employment


Become a front-end, back-end or full-stack developer with an average salary of $100K+ per year. 

Position Salary Entry Level Developer From $41,600 per year Medium Level Developer An average of $109,583 per year Senior Level Developer Up to $186,292 per yea

Placement Details

Internship Host Company – ITI

After you have completed the Full Stack Developer training course you will be given the opportunity to take part in an 11 weeks internship with ITI Pty Ltd. ITI specialises in professional services and software solutions for Unified Communications and Contact Centre. ITI produces telecommunications related systems for telecommunications providers, service providers and system integrators. Completing this internship will allow you to add real world experience to your CV/Resume, giving you a unique edge above other applicants in the IT industry where experience usually trumps education.

Internship Responsibilities/Duties

You will work with our software engineering team to help with tasks mainly on telecommunications, IoT and/or inhouse projects. You will be able to openly ask questions and guidance from our engineers, but also will need to be able to work productively autonomously for extended periods. 

Software products utilised

  • Perimate 

  • SAM-T 

  • Custom reporting

  • UCCX chat

  • Genesys Provisioning 

 Programming languages

  • C# 

  • SQL 

  • Javascript 

  • NodeJS 

  • CouchDB 

Job role /daily tasks

  • Development 

  • Testing 

  • Support 

  • Documentation 

  • Training


To qualify for our internship program, you are expected to know at least one programming language and have a solid understanding of language agnostic programming methodology. You are also required to complete the first 2 weeks of Full Stack Developer training as part of the program (course fee applies). 

Internship Structure Duration: 13 weeks 

Wk Schedule Description Location

1 Mon-Fri Full Stack Developer training – Back End ITIC - Sydney CBD

2 Mon-Fri Full Stack Developer training – Front End ITIC - Sydney CBD

3-13 2-3 days/week Internship at ITI ITI - Sydney CBD


Limited positions available for each intake

Email your resume to


Contact ITIC on 1300 008 001 for more information.