Breaking into the industry is not an easy task and our Professional ICT Internship Program is a perfect way to jump straight into your career! A leading Training & Resourcing organisation in the ICT area, ITIC works closely with universities and our industry partners to help students discover their pathway into the workforce through work experience and industry certification. Last year we helped 100’s of intern students, from universities such as Macquarie University, UNSW and UTS. Our mission is to help more students launch their careers in IT.


This 13-week Cyber Security internship program is a combination of pre-placement training and hands-on work experience. We work closely with our industry partners to identify recruitment needs so that we can devise a work integrated training curriculum to fill these gaps. Through our internship programs, students are able to spend time within our partner organisations, learning best practices, specific skills and tools, as well as assimilating to company culture.



✓ On-the-job training and mentorship from our team

✓ Valuable hands on experience

✓ Earn credits for your degree or diploma

✓ Internship Completion Certificate

✓ Employer Reference Letter

✓ Resume and interview training

✓ An opportunity for full time employment


Taking on the cyber security role can be an exciting and lucrative career choice. A growth of about 38% is expected in the employment of Network professionals, from 2016 to 2026. 

Position Average Salary Penetration Tester $90,000 per year Cybersecurity Engineer $105,000 per year Cybersecurity Specialist $131,500 per year Cybersecurity Consultant (CISO) $200,000+ per year

Placement Details

Internship Host Company – Various

In the Cybersecurity space, a perfect storm is brewing as the cyber security threat landscape continues to evolve, fueled by innovation, automation and the drive to the cloud, cyber skill shortage and the growing reputational, financial and legal implications of a cyber breach. Cyber skills are already in high demand and governments recognise the skills shortage on the horizon and are developing programs to encourage IT graduates to choose Cyber as a career. ITIC has opportunity for work placement at various organisations in NSW and VIC.

Internship Responsibilities/Duties

You will develop skills in some of the following areas including: 

  • Intrusion detection

  • Malware analysis and reversing

  • Programming

  • Thinking like a “black hat”

  • Risk analysis and mitigation

  • Cloud security

  • Security analysis


To qualify for our internship program, you are expected to have basic Cybersecurity knowledge. You are also required to complete 2 weeks of Certified Ethical Hacking training as part of the program (course fee applies). 

Internship Structure Duration: 13 weeks 

Wk Schedule Description Location

1-2 Mon-Fri Certified Ethical Hacking Training ITIC - Sydney CBD

3-7 2-3 days/week Case studies ITIC - Sydney CBD

8-13 2-3 days/week Internship at (various) Various (NSW and VIC)


Limited positions available for each intake

Email your resume to


Contact ITIC on 1300 008 001 for more information.