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Become a genius at work by joining one of our combined practical learning and work experience programs.

Welcome to ITIC LIVE

ITIC LIVE is our Learning Integrated Vocational Experience program

You can join a program in Cybersecurity, Networking, Software Development or AI/ Machine Learning and Data Science, that will help you to build your pathway between academic study and full-time work.


Our Programs

ITIC has developed key partnerships with both NSW universities and industry, to deliver learning outcomes for universities and their students, provide new opportunities for industry professionals and build a talent pool focused on areas where government and industry have identified a current or future skills shortage.

ITIC supports local and international university students entering the IT industry, by helping universities and their students, to bridge the gap between academia and full time work. ITIC’s key focus areas for internship and career development opportunities include:

Cybersecurity , Networking and Network Security, Software Development, Data Science and AI/ Machine Learning

Data Science and AI/ Machine Learning

Machine Learning, AI, Data Science/ Data Analytics tutorials are combined with an opportunity to work on our MQU research project entitled “iLearn - Intelligence led teaching and learning”.

Software Development

Full-Stack developers training is combined with an industry work experience opportunity at ITI, which is a leading software development company in the IT and Telco space.

Networking and Network Security

Training for certification in CCNA Routing Switching and CCNA Security is combined with an industry work experience opportunity at our host companies including Westcon Comstor .

Cyber Security

Training for certification in Ethical Hacking is combined with an industry work experience opportunity at one of our host companies in NSW and VIC.


ITIC has established internship programs in partnership with Leading Universities

ITIC runs direct and university sponsorsed programs to provide students, with IT Job Ready training and work experience in Cybersecurity, Networking or Software Development. Students can join one of our programs at ITIC, anytime throughout the year.

Our internship programs provide students with the opportunity to complete a 4, 8 or 13 week placement, which includes pre-internship training at ITIC, followed by work experience with our industry partners, whose businesses focus on the technologies of interest.

Industry partners have the option to customise the pre-internship component, which then removes the need for basic operational training, making this a valuable and worthwhile experience all round for the student and the industry partner.

From semester 1 2020, ITIC will add a Data Science, AI and Machine Learning internship, to provide opportunities to Data Science students. This program will leverage ITIC’s recently announced, joint MQU research project, to provide students with an opportunity to work with a diverse range of technologies and projects in this field. 


ITIC have been the event organiser for the ICT skills competition across NSW universities for the last 3 years, with the winners of the local competition having the opportunity to compete against their peers from the APAC region in Malaysia in both Networking and Cloud tracks. Australia was one of only a few countries who had a team across both technology tracks.

2019 Winners: 1st Place - Aleksandr Gromov (UTS), 2nd Place - Andrei Maslennikov (UTS), 3rd Place - Bo Sun (UNSW) & Yixiong shi (UNSW)