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The ITIC LIVE (Learning Integrated Vocational Experience) programs allows business to gain access to the best young minds coming through our local universities. The program provides companies with an opportunity to engage with university students interested in Networking, Cyber Security, Software Development and Data Science, prior to graduation, in a mutually beneficial way.

ITIC LIVE allows students to gain valuable experience in your company and experience your working environment and culture. During the work experience period of 4, 6 or 8 weeks, you will have the opportunity to identify potential future employees and/or those who are suited to your formal graduate programs.


✓ Develop customised programs with ITIC LIVE to attract the best talent

✓ Engage with students prior to graduation

✓ Assess organisationsal suitability over period of time prior to commitment including:

  • work ethic

  • self learning ability

  • future potential

  • organisation cultural fit

✓ Build a talent pipeline for your organisation


some of the great companies and organisations that we work with