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Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Routing and Switching (CCIE Routing and Switching) certifies the skills required of expert-level network engineers to plan, operate and troubleshoot complex, converged network infrastructure.

ITIC’s CCIE Fast Track program is aimed specifically for people who already have comprehensive experience. The course focuses on CCIE exam preparation and lab practice. The emphasis is on honing your skills and improving your proficiency in dealing with complex core networking concepts, troubleshooting and configuring equipment to help you pass the written qualification and lab exam.

Course Outline


Module 1: Introduction to BGP and BGP Neighbor Relationship Formation

Module 2: BGP Fundamental Operations

Module 3: Filtering BGP Updates and Aggregation

Module 4: BGP Path Selection via Attribute Manipulation

Module 5: BGP Features

Cat QoS

Module 1: Cisco Catalyst QoS Overview: The Differentiated Services Model

Module 2: Classification and Marking Using the Modular QoS CLI

Module 3: VLAN-Based Policies

Module 4: Use Trust to Control Markings

Module 5: Policing of the Cisco Catalyst 3560

Module 6: Queuing on the Cisco Catalyst 3560

Frame Relay

Module 1: Frame Relay Fundamentals

Module 2: Advanced Frame Relay Techniques

Module 3: Routing over Frame Relay

Module 4: Frame Relay QoS

IGP Routing Protocols

Module 1: Opening Moves and Introduction to IGPs

Module 2: OSPF

Module 3: EIGRP

Module 4: RIPv2

Module 5: Redistribution

Data Link Layer

Module 1: Interface Classification and Configuring Point-to-Point Links

Module 2: Comparing the Cisco Catalyst Layer 2 vs. Layer 3 Port Configuration Options

Module 3: Configuring Access Ports on a Cisco Catalyst Switch

Module 4: Configuring Cisco Catalyst Port Speeds, Duplex Settings, and UDLD

Module 5: Configuring VTP

Module 6: Configuring Trunk Ports

Module 7: Configuring 802.1Q and the Native VLAN

Module 8: Configuring EtherChannel

Module 9: Configuring Spanning Tree

IPv6 Datasheet

Module 1: IPv6 Subnet Connectivity

Module 2: IPv6 IGPs and BGP

Module 3: IPv6 and IPv4 Transition Techniques

Module 4: IPv6 Multicast, QoS, and NAT-PT


Module 1: MPLS Layer 3 VPN Overview, Part I

Module 2: MPLS Layer 3 VPN Overview, Part II

Module 3: Managing OSPF Between Sites

Module 4: OSPF Loop Avoidance and Sham Link

Module 5: Supporting EIGRP as the Customer Protocol

Module 6: Supporting BGP as the Customer Protocol

Module 7: Multi-VRF CE (VRF-Lite)


400-101 CCIE Routing and Switching


Fast Track (2 weeks fulltime Mon-Fri 10:00AM-4:00PM): $7,000


3 years of work experience in Networking and the CCNP Route and Switch Certification


Please contact us for intake availability